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Our conversations are a deep dive into how our guests share and expand upon their unique divinely-given gifts and talents to uplift, ignite and inspire, heal, and give joy to the world.

As we Listen Up to hear their message, we also Listen In to hear what our own heart tells us, guides us, moves us to do.

As we Listen Up and Listen In, we come to realize that we are all interdependent, and that we are all interconnected by a Higher Good that loves us into being our best for ourselves and others.

Dr. Karmen Smith Get off the Hamster Wheel – and CHOOSE LOVE

Episode 1

Dr. Karmen Smith

Get off the Hamster Wheel – and CHOOSE LOVE

Dr. Karmen Smith shares her I AM SOLUTION for getting off the hamster wheel of life, and how she and her son went on a road trip during the time of protests and the pandemic to share the message


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Radhule Weininger - Palliative Care for the World

Radhule Weininger discusses  mindfulness meditation and leads us in a Dzogchen/ Mahamudra mini meditation.

Radhule also shares about palliative care for the world:  creating a different world where we all come together and “increase the quality of life for everybody.”

Sandhya Jha Building on Beautiful

Community organizer, anti-oppression consultant, and author, Sandhya Jha shares about asset based community development which focuses on building upon what’s already beautiful rather than fixing anything.

They also share practical tools we can use to avoid shutting down when showing up for those who are unjustly impacted.

Karen Drucker We All Need to Sing Together

Singer-songwriter Karen Drucker shares stories of how she created some of her best-known songs, and how her desire to help “people open their hearts and find beauty and strength already in them” inspires her to continue making music that transforms us all for the better.

Paul Jukes Better Mental Health, One Dad-Dance Step At A Time

Paul Jukes, leader and artistic director of a male-only, over 40’s dance crew from Brighton UK, called the Outta Puff Daddys, shares how they are seeking to uplift and ignite change as to society’s approach towards managing mental health, and how his own personal experience with depression has informed and empowered him to help transform lives for the better one dad-dance step at a time.

Rabbi Julie Kozlow, A Change Agent with a New Approach to Community

Rabbi Julie Kozlow shares how she is a change agent as founder of The Community of Or Atid in the Greater Prescott, Arizona area with her “new approach to building and sustaining a vibrant, loving, and relevant Judaism.” She also explains how the “knots of patriarchy” must be untied in order for all of us to live and love authentically.

As Darnell Lamont Walker shared in his LA Times Op Ed piece on February 23, 2023, he is “a Black man and a death doula.” Darnell explains how his work involves advocating for those who are dying, dealing with what can be a challenging medical system, as well as fears they may have, to help “people transition with love.”


Cindy Lamont shares her journey from being a successful realtor, to her triumphant treatment of breast cancer, to doing what she passionately loves — providing a loving, caring home for senior dogs till their last days at a heaven-on-earth sanctuary called DogTree Pines.

Episode 9: Kevin F. Adler - Ending Homelessness with Connection & Compassion

Kevin F. Adler, author and founder of Miracle Messages, shares highlights of his newest book When We Walk By, in which he and his collaborators present the creation of a new system whereby working together, we do not walk by or away from our houseless neighbors, but rather become friends. And, by doing so we learn how to help them — and thereby also help ourselves — to grow into greater compassion for all as we work towards ending homelessness.


Meg Zucker shares how she wrote her book Born Extraordinary for parents of children with differences to learn “how best to empower their children.” Born with “one finger on each hand… and one toe on each misshapen foot,” Meg’s parents loved her unconditionally with the perspective that we are all different in some way whether visible or invisible. With her own children, two which were also born with the same genetic condition, Meg teaches them they were “born extraordinary”– something we can all learn and pass on.